Happy Birthday to GUTS!

It’s finally here: the publication day for GUTS!! I’m over the moon that this long-awaited day has finally arrived. Tonight is the first of many celebrations and events: a launch party hosted by the wonderful Hugo House.

For the past few weeks, as people have received and read advance copies of GUTS, I’ve been sent the loveliest messages. One of my favorites came from my Kindergarten, first-, and second-grade teacher, who interrupted her reading to email me and tell me how proud of me she was. Thank you all so much for your support and kind words; they mean the world to me.

Lots of GUTS In the Wild photos sent to me, including this one from my aunt the terrific  photographer:


Tin House, the fabulous magazine, book press, and writers workshop (where I’ve had the fortune to be a participant 3 times) has kindly posted an excerpt from GUTS on their website. And I made the delightful discovery that Seattle Review of Books has featured my book launch as one of the best literary events of the week. Side note: the quote they provide is not from anything I’ve ever written, and doesn’t have the facts of my illness correct. It doesn’t matter, but I just don’t want you all to think I ever went 2 months without eating. I’m sorry for the person who has – that sounds worse than anything I ever faced.

The launching of my first book is a surreal moment. I don’t think it’s possible to pause and soak it all in, but I’m doing my best to savor the experience. I feel very fortunate to have a book out in the world. Thank you Vine Leaves Press, and thank you readers!!