Published Essays

“On the Mountain” from Parks and Points, 3rd Place Contest Winner

“Out of Order” from The Rumpus

“Laws of Motion” from Under the Sun

“The Dash” from Tahoma Literary Review

“Pins and Needles” from The Pinch

“Personal Record” from Stymie

“Chief Complaint” from Potomac Review

“Birds and Bees and Bullets” from Literary Mama

“Running Out the Clock” from Mason’s Road

“Approved for Occupancy” from Shark Reef

“Ke Garne”  from Cirque

“The Colostomy Diaries” from Bellevue Literary Review

“Take A Deep Breath In” from Soundings Review

“The New Year” from Los Angeles Review
(Episode 2: Reset Button)

“Reciprocal Healing” from Touch: The Journal of Healing

“Prednisone” from 5X5


GUTS (Memoir). 2016 University of New Orleans Publishing Lab Prize. Finalist.

“On the Mountain” (Essay). 3rd Place Winner. Parks and Points Essay Contest.

“Laws of Motion” (Essay). Nominated for a Pushcart Prize. New Millennium Writings, Honorable Mention.

“Running Out the Clock” (Essay).  New Millennium Writings, Honorable mention.

“On the Mountain” (Essay).  Oregon Quarterly Northwest Perspectives Essay Contest. Finalist.

“The Colostomy Diaries.” (Essay). The Atlantic 2010 Student Writing Contest. Honorable mention.

“Approved for Occupancy” (Essay). 2011 Artsmith Literary Award. Honorable mention.

“The Middle Distance” (Poem). 2011 Artsmith Literary Award. Honorable mention.


Nonfiction Editor.  Soundings Review. 2012-2013

Managing Editor.  826 Seattle Writes the Rain: Stories About Humans, Mythical Creatures, and Jelly Doughnuts (826 Seattle, 2007).

Writing/Editing Intern. Shtrii Shakti & Women Awareness Center Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal.  September 1994–January 1995