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A first for me, a guest blog post: !  The fine folks at Brevity Magazine invited people to guest blog about the event that consumed 13,000 writers last week: the annual Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) conference.  The blog posts are a great summary of many (all?) of the creative nonfiction-related panels that took place at AWP.  Here is the link to mine, about a great panel I attended on writing about your kids:


This year the conference was held in Seattle, the same weekend as the annual Can Do MS ski fundraiser that Wiley does every year.  Thanks to the generous help of my in-laws, Sylvia and Manuel, as well as Wiley and a babysitter, I was able to attend a lot of the conference and some great readings in the evenings, too.  It was wonderful to connect with writing friends and get that nice jolt of writing energy that these events always provide.  Nice to return to my writing desk this week with a bunch of new tools in my toolkit, and a long list of authors whose work I now want to read.  An inspiring week!

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